Welcome to @bluepjs documentation!

@bluepjs is a Java Script visual scripting engine library, inspired by Unreal Engine Blueprints system.

Blueprint scripting looks like this:

Blueprint scripting example

@bluepjs may be integrated into projects required visual scripting of project entities behavior.

Version compatibility

@bluepjs project is under active development, but it doesn’t mean u can’t use it.

Version numbers for @bluepjs are: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

There is no guarantee of back-compatibility between versions now, sorry. Some functionality of new versions rebuilds some old temporary solutions and version update until 1.0.x defenetly will require manual Library rebuild on some versions update.


Currently is 0 until full OOP/template/import/export impementation and then it will be 1.0.? version.

Major version will be increased on huge scripting engine updates.


Will be increased on each valuable update inside major roadmap. Resets to zero on major number incrementing.


Will be incremented on every update. Doesn’t resets. Means nothing for back-compatibility.


I’m really sorry, but documentation is also under development (and not so active as engine)

Please, check https://github.com/bluep-js/example project for demo.



  • AbstractModule::metadata() for module dynamic metadata

  • AbstractModule::vm()

  • AbstractActor::metadata() for actor dynamic metadata

  • AbstractNode::context()

  • Node multiple slots

  • multiple slots for string/append, boolean/and, boolean/or

  • OOP support, node “cast to”

  • node “Switch .. case”

  • node number/plus

  • types basic/date; basic/time

  • async Vm::start() / async Vm::stop()

  • Vm::runModuleEvent(info, inputs) for easy run simple events


  • Partial OOP support without correct classes inheritance.

  • Modules types, enums and structs autosupport

  • Actors nodes updated to OOP style (from “node-per-actor” to “node-per-actor-type(class) with actor input” generation (require actors behavior rebuild in library!)

  • VM should be started to run. VM also can be stopped.

  • VM module with On VM Start event.

  • Modules API for start/stop

  • Templates support for IDE (type basic/template)

  • bugfixes


  • IDE limited to use only Default library

  • buxfixes