@bluepjs IDE allows manage Libraries Content for Vm.


IDE is under development, some functionality may be buggy.

Vm integration

IDE by itself doesn’t contains any information about types, nodes or anything else and should be configured to work properly.

@bluepjs designed to get all required information for IDE from Virtual Machine using method Vm::ideData(). On this method Vm collects all information about existing types, nodes, modules and actors for IDE so all required for Blueprints Nodes can be auto-generated.


Main IDE contains:

IDE Layout
  1. Libraries selector and Library options button.

  2. Selected element information

  3. Control buttons - Save to fire save events, Run - to run selected function in Vm

  4. Library content panel.

  5. Editor of selected element

  6. Editor of selected variable

  7. Editor/viewer of selected function configurations, inputs, outputs and variables

Example of IDE with selected Event function “VM Start” and selected variable “variables 0”:

IDE Layout 2

IDE controls

For most operations IDE should be quite intuitive, except next points:

  1. Update and Save buttons. Editing enums, structs and classes Update button apply changes for IDE. Main Save button (at top-left) fires event for App to save Libraries

  2. Blueprints Editor:

  1. To drag field - use Alt + left mouse hold or middle mouse (wheel button)

  2. To disconnect Edge - use Alt + left mouse click on Slot connector

Add Node Context Menu

To add Nodes to Blueprint - use right click at point where new node should be located.

Add node context menu

Nodes are organized into 3 level deep tree.


Current nodes tree is no very intuitive. Search is not very helpfull sometimes also.

It’s a known problem.